Zoflora has been a household disinfectant for 100 years. However, the Zoflora safety tips mentioned in previous articles are important for your family’s safety. Like many cleaning aids, Zoflora has specific directions that you must adhere to.

For starters, the Zoflora concentrate is flammable so it’s important to keep the product away from open flames. There are more safety tips when using Zoflora that you must be aware of. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Why Are Zoflora Safety Tips Important?

Many cleaning products such as bleach or washing powders come with warning labels. Zoflora also has a warning label on the packaging that you must read before using the product. But there are some Zoflora safety tips that you can only find exclusively on our blogs.

These safety tips are to help keep you and your family safe. After all, Zoflora is a chemical and it must be handled with care.

The Updated Guide to Zoflora Safety Tips

We’ve written blogs in the past about how to use Zoflora safely and how to use Zoflora around your pets. This updated guide on Zoflora safety tips provides you with the latest information about how to use the product.

Don’t Pour Zoflora in Hot Water

Many people use cleaning detergents with hot water because heat removes dirt easier than cold water. However, experts have advised users not to pour Zoflora concentrate into boiling water. This is because the method hasn’t been tested yet and it could release a harmful gas.

Always use Zoflora in cold water when cleaning. The Zoflora concentrate is more than effective when using the product with cold water.

Zoflora Safety Tips for Pets

Any Zoflora product can be used to disinfect pet toys, bedding and to clean up pet messes. Follow these Zoflora safety tips for pets:

  • When washing bedding, rinse the fabric thoroughly before your pet sleeps on it again.
  • Rinse pet toys after disinfecting them with Zoflora.
  • Don’t spray Zoflora around your pets.
  • Avoid spraying Zoflora directly onto your pet’s fur.
  • When cleaning your floors make sure they’re dry before letting your pets in the house.
  • Always keep Zoflora out of your pet’s reach.

Pets are extremely sensitive to cleaning products so it’s important not to use Zoflora around them because it may give them allergies. If you accidentally get Zoflora on your pet’s fur, simply rinse the area with cold water.

Keep Out of Reach from Children

Children are always curious and sometimes they open bottles they’re not supposed to. There have been causes with other cleaning detergents where children accidentally drink the solution. Always keep your Zoflora bottle in a cupboard that’s out of your children’s reach.

Avoid Contact with Eyes

Sometimes accidents happen and it’s possible that you can get Zoflora in your eyes. Since the product is a chemical it may cause server burning. When pouring the concentrate into another bottle, always do so away from your face. If you’re spraying the Zoflora, make sure you spray the liquid away from your body.  

Keep in a Cool Dry Place

As mentioned before, Zoflora concentrate is highly flammable. So the most important Zoflora safety tip is to keep your product away from the stove or any area with high temperatures. Keep the Zoflora concentrate in a cool, dry area such as your bathroom cupboard.

Always Follow the Zoflora Directions Carefully

Zoflora comes with clear instructions on the packaging. There are directions on how to dilute the product and safety warnings. Always follow Zoflora’s instructions so that you don’t make your diluted solution too strong and so that you know what to avoid when handling your product.

Final Thoughts

These Zoflora safety tips will keep your pets and family safe. Whenever you’re dealing with a chemical cleaning aid you’ll have extensive safety warnings to adhere to. Use this article as a guide and check out our other ar