Do you own or work at a salon? Are you struggling to find a disinfectant that doesn’t smell like alcohol or chemicals? Zoflora is the answer you’re looking for. Not only is Zoflora a powerful disinfectant but it also comes in over 40 fragrances! Perfect for all types of beauty salons.

In this post, you’ll find valuable information about Zoflora and how you can use this versatile product to disinfect and clean your workspace. Keep reading to find out more.

Is Zoflora the Same as a Cleaning Aid?

Although Zoflora can clean away stubborn dirt and grime from any surface, it’s actually formulated as a disinfectant. The advantage of Zoflora is that it doesn’t create foam so it’s easier to clean surfaces. The product doesn’t leave annoying streaks on your floors or tables.

Additionally, since Zoflora is a disinfectant, the product kills 99.99% of all types of bacteria, fungi and viruses found in Salons including:

  • Salmonella
  • Staphylococcus
  • Malassezia
  • Microsporum
  • Bacillus

When you dilute Zoflora concentrate you can use the formula to remove dirt, mould, germs and even the COVID-19 virus from all surfaces. Your diluted bottle of Zoflora will keep its disinfectant power for up to 2 weeks.

How Safe is Zoflora to Use in a Salon?

Zoflora is safe to use in salons. However, similar to other types of disinfectants, Zoflora has specific safety instructions. It’s important to follow the safety instructions diligently to avoid injury to your staff and salon customers.

It should be noted that Zoflora concentrate is highly flammable so you must keep the product away from any source of heat inside your salon. Keep the product in a sealed container in a cool dry area. After the concentrate is diluted, you can keep a bottle of it on your desk, so you always have it on hand to clean or disinfect areas around your salon.

And lastly, never mix Zoflora with another cleaning aid or chemical. It will cause a chemical reaction and create a harmful gas. You can follow these safety instructions so you can prevent accidents in the workplace.

How to Use Zoflora to Disinfect Your Salon

Another benefit of Zoflora is that it’s easy to mix and use. In this section, we’ve provided information on the different ways you can mix Zoflora and where to use the product.

How to Mix Zoflora

The most popular way to use Zoflora is in a spray bottle. To create a diluted solution, you’ll need a 500ml Zoflora trigger spray bottle and your favourite Zoflora fragrance. Then follow these easy steps:

  • Fill your Zoflora spray bottle with cold water
  • Add two caps of Zoflora concentrate to the liquid
  • Close the spray bottle
  • Shake well
  • Use the spray with a soft cloth to clean surfaces

If you want to clean your floors, you can simply fill a bucket with cold water and add two caps of Zoflora. Dip your mop into the solution and use it to clean your salon floors.

You can also follow this link on how to create your own Zoflora wipes so you can clean off sticky messes from surfaces.

Tables and Desks

Tables and desks can harbour various types of germs and bacteria such as E-coli or Campylobacter. These viruses and bacteria can spread fast from person to person. Disinfect your tables and desks regularly by spraying them with Zoflora and wiping the surfaces with a clean cloth. Zoflora will remove dirt and harmful bacteria and viruses, so they don’t spread to colleagues and customers.  

Salon Chairs

Viruses and bacteria can also spread through contact with clothes which can transfer onto chairs. To keep your salon chairs disinfected, spray a hefty amount of Zoflora onto the chairs. You can either leave the solution to dry on the surface or wipe the chairs with a clean cloth.

Salon Waiting Area

Some customers may not always keep their hands clean. So, it’s important to disinfect your waiting area before you open in the mornings and when you close in the afternoons. Your Zoflora formula will kill all germs and bacteria that may have transferred from customers onto surfaces in your waiting area.


Pens, pencils, rulers, and clipboards can become dirtier than public toilet seats if you don’t keep them disinfected. Create Zoflora wipes to disinfect your stationery or spray them with the solution you’ve mixed. Keeping your stationery clean will prevent illnesses from spreading in the workplace.

Salon Floors

Floors are the dirtiest surfaces in a salon because customers and staff can tread dirt from outside into your salon. If you drop tools or stationery onto the floors harmful bacteria or viruses can transfer to the fallen items.

Clean your floors every day before you leave the salon or get a worker to spray the floor regularly throughout the day.

Salon Mirrors

Mirky mirrors can make it difficult to see your reflection. If you have a beauty salon, you want your mirrors to be dirt free so customers can see their hairstyles. Simply spray your mirrors with your Zoflora solution and wipe them clean with a soft cloth.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are many ways you can keep your salon bacteria and virus free. Another advantage of Zoflora is that it’s also an air freshener so you can spray the solution around your workplace to add a fresh scent to it before customers arrive. Use the tips and information in this article to help you keep your salon clean and safe for all customers and employees!

Do you have experience with Zoflora in the salon? Let us know what you think about the product in the comments section below. We are always excited to hear from our readers.