A gym is a place where people exercise, train for a sports event, or even become bodybuilders. But lurking on every barbell set and treadmill are thousands of bacteria that could be harmful to your health. In a recent study, it was found that free weights have 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Yuk!

In this post, we’ve provided information on why it’s crucial to disinfect your gym and how to avoid getting infections when using the equipment. Keep reading to find out more!

4 Reasons to Disinfect Your Gym

Your gym equipment may look clean on the surface but unbeknownst to you, microorganisms are thriving on every surface. In this section, we’ve provided 4 reasons why your gym needs regular disinfecting.

1.      People Sweat on Equipment

When people do vigorous cardio or weightlifting they tend to sweat. Some people only have s few drops of sweat, whereas others look as if they’ve just been splashed with water. All this sweat falls on the floor and on the equipment they’re using.

There are some diseases such as Ebola and even hepatitis that can be spread through bodily fluids such as sweat. It’s also said that you can catch the COVID-19 virus through contact with someone’s sweat. To stop the spread of diseases in your gym, we recommend disinfecting all equipment and your floor with Zoflora before you close your gym.

Zoflora is a powerful disinfectant that kills 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria. There are several ways you can use Zoflora such as:

  • Pouring two caps of Zoflora into a bucket of water and using it to mop and disinfect your floors.
  • Filling a 500ml spray bottle with water and two caps of Zoflora concentrate to spray on surfaces.
  • Using Zoflora wipes to wipe off tables, equipment, door handles and even windows.

The advantage of Zoflora is that it leaves a pleasant fragrance behind so your gym will always smell fresh and inviting.

2.      Some People Don’t Wash Their Hands

Unfortunately, there are still some people that don’t wash their hands regularly. Viruses and diseases can spread from person to person simply by transferring bacteria from your hands onto objects. When gym goers touch equipment without washing their hands all those germs and bacteria will transfer onto the object.

We recommend keeping a bottle of hand sanitiser and encourage everyone to clean their hands before entering the gym. Additionally, before you close in the evenings, you should spray all your equipment with Zoflora to kill bacteria transferred by people’s hands.

3.      Keeping Your Reputation Clean

It’s possible that people can fall ill from using unsanitary equipment in your gym. If people get sick from your facility it will reflect badly on you and your business. Having a bad reputation will chase away attendees and you’ll lose money.

Keeping your gym disinfected and clean may also be part of health and safety standards. That’s why you must clean and disinfect your gym every day before you close. You can also encourage people to clean up after themselves before they leave.

4.      Keeping Your Attendees Safe

The most important reason to disinfect your gym is to keep your attendees safe. You don’t want them to get sick from viruses or diseases that could cause health complications. The safety of your employees and gym attendees is your main priority.

Make sure you don’t only focus on cleaning your equipment. Your bathrooms, cafeteria, and seating areas must also be disinfected. You can use Zoflora to remove dirt and bacteria from these areas easily.

How to Avoid Getting Infections at the Gym

You wouldn’t expect to get sick by going to a gym and exercising, but it can happen. However, there are many ways you can avoid getting infections at the gym. Here are tips to assist you:

  • Keep a small 250ml Zoflora spray bottle with you to disinfect the gym equipment before you use them.
  • Sanitise your hands before and after using gym equipment to avoid spreading diseases from one object to another.
  • Take advantage of the gym showers and be sure to disinfect the area with your Zoflora before you use the shower.
  • Always wear shoes especially around pool areas to avoid athlete’s foot.
  • If you have cuts keep them clean and covered at all times.

Final Thoughts

Exercising is a necessary part of life and has many benefits such as boosting your energy and your mood. But dirty gyms can also spread viruses quickly. Zoflora is a versatile product that is designed to kill harmful viruses and bacteria while leaving a pleasant fragrance behind. When using Zoflora be sure to adhere to the basic safety standards of the product. Use the advice in this article to keep your gym virus and bacteria-free and keep your attendees safe!