Carpets aren’t a popular type of flooring anymore because of their high maintenance. But if you’re renting a home that has carpets you may not be able to remove them. On the other hand, carpets can increase the value of a home but only if you know how to take care of them.

You’ll experience many unpleasant situations if you don’t clean your carpet regularly. In this post, we explain what those situations are and how you can avoid them completely. Read on to find out more.  

What Happens When You Have Dirty Carpets?

Carpets can harbour dust, dirt, and bacteria in their fibres. This can cause many problems and affect the aesthetics of your home. In this section, we explain what happens when you have dirty carpets that you don’t clean regularly.


Are you sensitive to pet dander and dust? Having dirty carpets can make your allergies worse which can cause excessive sneezing, a runny nose, and even red eyes. Some people even experience itchy skin. Dust mites and bacteria cause your skin to become itchy and inflamed.

With that being said, dirty carpets can cause eczema, athlete’s foot, and red patches on your skin. These are all allergic reactions to carpets but it becomes worse when your flooring is extremely dirty.

Bad Odours

If your carpet has experienced a lot of spillage from food and drink, it can cause a foul musty odour due to mould and bacteria growth. Sometimes if you don’t clean a spill immediately after it happens, it can soak deep into the carpet and get trapped underneath the flooring.

You may notice the odour when there’s more humidity and heat. Additionally, carpet fibres can trap surrounding odours so your flooring will smell worse if you smoke cigarettes. Pet messes can also cause foul carpet smells especially if they’re left uncleaned.


One factor that lowers the aesthetics of your home is big black carpet stains. When you spill coffee, tea or juice on the carpet it can leave blotchy stains that are difficult to remove if you don’t clean the spill. Oil stains can also be a problem if you walk around eating food. Even carpets that are supposed to be stain resistant will have blotchy patches if you don’t maintain your flooring.

Dust and Debris

If you don’t clean your carpets regularly, dust, debris, pet dander, and pollen can get stuck in between the fibres of your carpet. Furthermore, if you have a high pile carpet it will be difficult to remove the dust and debris from the flooring. The dirt can make it uncomfortable for you to walk on your carpets barefoot.

Pest Infestations

When you spill food, crumbs, and even water on your carpet you could attract unwanted critters into your home. Cockroaches, ants, and flies are always looking for a food source. Small particles of food in your carpets will be the perfect snack for these pests. A pest infestation can cost you hundreds of rands to get rid of, so it’s best to keep your carpets clean.

Bacteria and Mould Growth

Food, dust, debris, and moisture can cause mould and bacteria growth. Mould is extremely detrimental to your health because it causes respiratory problems. Bacteria can also be harmful and can cause allergies and skin ailments.

How Often Should You Clean Carpets?

There are various ways you must clean your carpet. General cleaning such as sweeping or vacuuming must be done once or twice a week. Vacuuming removes dust and debris from your carpets. If you spill something on the carpets then you must clean the spill up immediately with paper towels.

Deep cleaning your carpets with shampoo and an industrial machine must be done once every six months. When you deep clean your carpets, it removes stains, and dirt trapped deep within your carpet’s fibres. Cleaning your carpet regularly will prevent odours, allergies, and bacteria growth.

How to Clean a Carpet

For general cleaning, first, sprinkle baking powder all over your carpets. Baking powder is said to remove moisture and foul odours from your carpet. Leave the baking powder to sit for at least 10 minutes before vacuuming the powder.

To remove bacteria from your carpet, simply fill a 500ml Zoflora with cold water. Then add two caps of your favourite Zoflora fragrance to the bottle. Close the lid, shake the bottle well and then spray the solution all over the carpet. Zoflora will kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria in your carpets.

You can also use Zoflora for carpet stains and to clean up spills easily. Zoflora is a powerful disinfectant but it also comes in many wonderful fragrances. When you spray Zoflora on your carpet the scent will last for up to 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

Your carpets don’t have to be a nightmare! You can keep them clean and bacteria-free using Zoflora. Use the tips in this article to assist you.

How do you keep your carpets clean? Let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!