The Zoflora Collection is so versatile that it can even be used in vehicles to kill viruses and bacteria, whilst eliminating odours and leaving spaces beautifully fragrant.

Vehicle Caravan Surfaces

Caravan Surfaces

Surfaces can become breeding grounds for bacteria, especially in small, enclosed spaces like caravans. While worktops and other areas may look clean, they can harbour unwanted germs. Wiping down surfaces with Zoflora can disinfect these areas and kill any harmful bacteria.

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Horse Trailers & Boxes

Horse Trailers & Boxes

A horse trailer or box can be the perfect environment for germs  to live and breed. Zoflora kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses making it the perfect companion for such areas, whilst also freshening and eliminating odours in the area!

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Vehicle Caravan Sinks & Taps

Caravan Sinks & Taps

Just like in your home, sinks and taps in caravans can also harbour nasty bacteria and viruses. Using Zoflora will ensure that you remove these and stop germs from spreading.

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Vehicle Seats

Car Seats

Your car seats get a lot of traffic and bad odours from sports bags, pets, takeouts and numerous other things can easily build up, leaving the entire car smelling bad. Zoflora is an excellent air freshener and there are plenty of fragrances you can choose from that will add a pleasant fragrance to your car.

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Vehicle Car Keys

Car Keys

You may not know this, but your keys are full of hidden germs and bacteria! Keys are the last thing we think about cleaning and disinfecting, but your keys are used multiple times a day, making them the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Zoflora kills 99.9% of bacteria and can be used to disinfect your keys.

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Vehicle Windows

Windows & Mirrors

Dirty car mirrors and windows are unsightly and they obstruct your view of the road. For road safety purposes you should clean your car mirrors and windows as soon as you notice dirt build-up. Use Zoflora to wipe away all sorts of dirt such as water spots from rain, dust and bird droppings.

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Vehicle Tyres and Rims

Tyres & Rims

No matter where you drive, your car tyres and rims will get dirty. But if you don’t clean them regularly the dirt build-up will become severe and difficult to remove. So use Zoflora to clean your car tyres and rims at least once a month.

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Vehicle mats

Car Mats

The purpose of a car mat is to protect your car’s flooring from dirt and wear and tear. After a while, your car mats may start to look filthy especially if you’ve walked through mud and sand and transferred the dirt to your mats. Your car mats are also the dirties items in your car.

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