The COVID-19 pandemic has made people realise that you can pick up germs and bacteria simply by touching items. Even though you sanitise your hands you are still at risk of picking up the virus. That’s why it’s important to use Zoflora after a grocery run.

Zoflora is a powerful disinfectant that will protect you and your family from potentially contracting and spreading the COVID-19 virus. In today’s article, we’ll give you tips on how often you should use Zoflora after a grocery run, how to mix it and how to use it. Keep reading to find out more.

How Often Should You Use Zoflora After a Grocery Run?

Studies show that there are over 33,340 colonies of bacteria per square inch on grocery store fridges. Some of the species of bacteria on these fridges are resistant to antibiotic medication. Additionally, grocery stores are filled with products that have harmful bacteria sitting on the packaging such as E-Coli.

Every time you touch a product on the shelf you’re picking up germs, bacteria and possible viruses. That’s why it’s important to disinfect your items after every grocery run and make sure you wash your hands after packing your groceries away.

You’ll be happy to know that Zoflora kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria including the COVID-19 virus on any surface you spray it on. Don’t compromise on your family’s safety! Disinfect every item you’ve bought after every grocery run with Zoflora to prevent contracting harmful bacteria and viruses.

How to Mix Your Zoflora

There are many ways you can use the Zoflora product but if you’re disinfecting grocery items you may want to mix the concentrate in a trigger spray bottle. Zoflora makes its own trigger spray bottles that you can buy with your concentrate.

You can get different capacity spray bottles but a bigger container is always best. Grab a 500ml trigger spray bottle from the Zoflora store. Fill the spray bottle with water and then pour two capfuls of your Zoflora concentrate into the bottle. After closing the bottle securely shake it well before using it.

Steps on How to Use Your Zoflora

The advantage of Zoflora is that it’s easy to use. Once you’ve mixed your Zoflora solution you can use it on any surface to clean and disinfect it. Since you have a large 500ml of the solution it will last you a long time.

With just two capfuls of Zoflora per 500ml of water, you’ll be able to make plenty bottles of solution which means this cleaning aid is extremely cost-effective. Take a look at this next section on how to use your Zoflora after a grocery run.

Spray on Grocery Items

Your grocery packaging could be harbouring bacteria and viruses that have been picked up during transportation or other people touching the packaging. To prevent these viruses or bacteria from spreading in your home, you should disinfect the surfaces of every item.

Spray each item with your bottle of Zoflora solution and then wipe it down with a cloth. Avoid spraying the solution directly onto food items. It’s as simple as that! After wiping down every item you’ve bought with Zoflora there will be no risk of spreading bacteria or viruses in your home.

Spray Zoflora on Door Handles

When you get home from your grocery run you’re going to touch various surfaces in your home. To gain access to your house you’ll need to touch door handles to open doors. You can transfer all the germs you’ve picked up while shopping onto door handles.

Once you’ve unpacked your car it’s time to disinfect your door handles so that the germs on these surfaces don’t retransfer to your hands after you’ve washed them. Simply spray all the door handles you’ve touched with Zoflora and wipe them down with your cloth.

The benefit of Zoflora spray is that it penetrates all the crevices of door handles where germs tend to hide in. These microorganisms won’t be able to hide from the powerful effects of Zoflora.

Spray Zoflora on Your House and Car Keys

Depending on the material the Corona Virus can last on different surfaces for several hours. Studies show that the COVID-19 virus can last on metal such as keys for up to nine days. That’s an extremely long time for a virus as dangerous as Covid.

So after your grocery run, use your Zoflora solution to disinfect your house and car keys. Simply spray the solution all over your keys and wipe them with your cloth. Make sure you repeat this process every time you get back from anywhere you’ve been for the day.

Wash Your Hands

The way bacteria and viruses are transferred from one item to another so quickly is from human hands. When you touch any surface you’re picking up these microorganisms and then transferring them to other items you touch.

To avoid spreading bacteria and viruses around your home, you must wash your hands regularly especially after every grocery run. Additionally, it’s important to wash your hands after handling Zoflora because it’s a chemical cleaning aid that can cause negative reactions if accidentally consumed.

So make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and regularly to avoid spreading bacteria and viruses in your home.

Fragrances to Pick

There are many Zoflora fragrances to buy but we’ve picked our top four for you to try this summer:

  • Lemon Zing: With this citrusy fresh fragrance you’ll get notes of lemon, spicy ginger and sparkling grapefruit. Lemon Zing is perfect for kitchens and for keeping spiders out of the house.
  • Mandarin and Lime: Here’s another citrusy fragrance you’ll love. This Zoflora concentrate has sweet tropical aromas of mandarin and lime. It’s ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms.
  • Pink Grapefruit: You’ll love how powerful the Pink Grapefruit fragrance is from Zoflora. Like all the other fragrances in the range, this one will last for up to 24 hours after spraying it around the home. It’s ideal to use in every part of your house.
  • Very Berry:  If you’re looking for a burst of rich berry fragrances then you’ll love the Very Berry concentrate from Zoflora. This one has hints of black currant, sweet juniper and cranberries. This fragrance is perfect to use in the lounge, bedroom and bathroom.

Final Thoughts

Will you disinfect all your bought items after your grocery run? Don’t compromise on your family’s safety especially since there is a new strain of COVID-19. Zoflora will kill all germs and bacteria on any surface you use it on. Visit our store today to pick your Zoflora fragrance and take a look at all the accessories you can buy too such as spray bottles and cloths. All Zoflora fragrances are multipurpose products that are disinfectants, air fresheners and cleaning aids. So get your Zoflora of choice now so you can safeguard your home from harmful viruses and add a wonderful scent to your ho

Recommended Grocery Run Fragrances

Zoflora Lemon ZIng

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Zoflora Mandarin Lime

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Zoflora Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit – R114.99

Zoflora Very Berry

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