A lounge is a place where you and your family can relax. But if you don’t keep your lounge clean you’ll experience a build-up of dust, dirt, and sometimes even mould growth. Any space in your house that’s untidy or dirty can increase stress and anxiety.  

To assist you, we’ve provided valuable tips on the areas you should focus on when cleaning your lounge. Read on to find out more!

Why Should You Keep Your Lounge Clean?

Your lounge is where you’re meant to relax. But if it’s cluttered or dusty you may find yourself getting irritated because the environment is chaotic. What’s more, the build-up of dust can cause allergies, and not cleaning your floors can emit foul odours into the air.

By keeping your space organised you’ll create a relaxing environment that you and your family can enjoy after a long day at work. Here are other benefits of keeping your lounge clean:

  • People with clean homes tend to be healthier
  • Cleanliness improves your mood
  • It helps you keep control of your life
  • Decluttering and cleaning increases your focus
  • It keeps you active

If you want to get rid of foul odours and eliminate germs and bacteria, simply use your favourite Zoflora product to wipe surfaces clean. This is because pleasant fragrances also improve your mood.

How You Can Keep Your Lounge Tidy

It can be difficult keeping your lounge tidy every day especially when you’re tired and don’t feel like cleaning. But there are ways you can maintain your space without doing too much work. Every night before you and your family go to bed, do a quick 10 minute clean up by:

  • Removing dishes from the area
  • Straightening cushions
  • Quickly wiping down the coffee table
  • Removing shoes from the lounge
  • Spraying Zoflora in the air to freshen up your space

With a quick tidy-up session, your lounge will always be neat. You can deep clean the area every third day to ensure your floors stay clean and you remove dust from surfaces.

Top Spots in the Lounge to Keep Clean  

When deep cleaning your lounge there are some spots that you need to pay extra attention to. In this section, we’ve provided all the obvious areas to keep clean and some spots that people miss when they’re tidying up.


Sometimes all you want to do is eat snacks while watching your favourite movie or TV show. When you eat on your couch, crumbs can fall between cushions or food can get mushed into the fabric of your couch. If you don’t clean your couch regularly it may attract pests or mould can start to grow where food has been left behind.

Here are some tips to keep your couch clean:

  • Vacuum in between cushions
  • If you have removable cushions, take them off to vacuum the base
  • For removable fabrics, take them off and wash them
  • Sprits your couch with your favourite Zoflora product to kill germs and bacteria

Scatter Cushions

If you have to scatter cushions on your couch, chances are they’ve landed on the floor more often than you realize. You can remove the fabric of your scatter cushions and place them in your washing machine. Pour one cap of Zoflora into your rinse cycle.

The Zoflora will give your scatter cushions a pleasant scent and it will remove bacteria from fibres. Hang the fabric up to dry and then place them back onto the cushions. Fluff up the cushions and place them neatly onto your couch.


There are over 200,000 bacteria in every square inch of carpet. There may be viruses living in the fibres of your carpet too, such as norovirus or MERSA. You must vacuum your carpets at least once every three days and deep clean your carpet twice a year with an industrial cleaner.

If you spill food on your carpets, wipe it up immediately. You can also use Zoflora to spot clean your carpets. Simply fill a 500ml spray bottle with cold water, add two caps of Zoflora concentrate and spray the solution on the dirty spot. Then blot the area with a paper towel until the stain is removed.


Coffee spills, food stains and crumbs can attract ants, flies and gnats. If you leave these stains for too long, mould will start to grow. To remove dirt and bacteria from your lounge tables, simply spray the surface with Zoflora and wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth.

To keep your tables clean you can place tablecloths over your tables. You can then wash these tablecloths whenever you do your laundry. Add Zoflora to the rinse cycle to give your tablecloths a pleasant scent.

TV Screens

TV screens can gather dust and you may find streaks of dirt across the screen. You won’t be able to enjoy watching your favourite shows with streaks of dirt on your TV. To clean your TV, switch the appliance off. Then spray Zoflora onto a clean cloth and use it to wipe the screen and sides.

TV Remotes

TV Remotes are probably the dirtiest object in your lounge. Many hands touch your TV remote which can transfer germs and bacteria onto the buttons and in between crevices on the object. If your remote is sticky with brown marks on the edges, it’s dirty and could be harbouring unwanted germs. To remove dirt, bacteria, or viruses from your TV remote, spray Zoflora onto a cloth and wipe it clean.


Your lounge could be the cleanest place in your house, but dirty windows can affect the look of your entire space. Ideally, you want clean and shiny windows that you can see clearly out of. Zoflora can remove dirt easily from windows.

For this task, use a window squeegee. Pour cold water into a bucket and add two caps of Zoflora to the liquid. Dip your squeegee into the bucket and use it to remove dirt from your windows. When you’re done, wipe down your windowsills and handles.

Under Lounge Furniture

How often do you move your furniture? You’ll be surprised at how much junk lands up under your couches and tables. We recommend moving your furniture whenever you clean your floors. Remove any items that have fallen under your furniture and vacuum the area thoroughly. Spray Zoflora around the area to kill germs and bacteria.

Final Thoughts

When you keep your lounge neat and clean, you can enjoy your space and truly relax after a long day at work. If you’re not sure where to start use this post as a guide to assist you. Don’t forget to adhere to Zoflora’s safety guidelines when using the product to clean your lounge.

How do you keep your lounge tidy every day? Leave a comment below with your suggestions. We love learning about new tips from our readers.