We’ve mentioned many uses for Zoflora in our previous blogs. Essentially, Zoflora is a cleaning aid that you can use throughout your home. But there are some uses for Zoflora you may not have known about.

In today’s blog, we’d like to mention the top eight ways you can use Zoflora that will help take your cleaning tasks to the next level. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Deodorising Nappy Bins

No matter how many deodorised nappies or trash bags you use your nappy bin can start to smell terrible after a few days. Since your nappy bin is an indoor container you must keep it clean and deodorised regularly.

The best cleaning aid for and sanitising and deodorising your nappy bin is Zoflora. This concentrate is designed to eliminate foul smells and kill germs and bacteria that comes from dirty nappies.

How to Do It

First, you’ll need a 500ml plastic Zoflora spray bottle. Fill the bottle up with water and add one capful of Zoflora to the water. Close the spray bottle and shake it. Take the lid off of your dustbin and spray the Zoflora mixture into the bin. The Zoflora will eliminate the foul scent of nappies and leave a pleasant fragrance behind.

2. Cleaning Your Car Rims

Car rims can get filthy dirty especially if you drive through sewerage water or sand. If you don’t clean your car rims regularly the dirt becomes hard on the surface of the rims. The hard stubborn dirt becomes difficult to clean. But not with the help of Zoflora!

How to Do It

You can either make a Zoflora spray or pour water into a bucket and add two capfuls of Zoflora concentrate to the water. Then use a soft microfiber cloth from Zoflora to wipe away the dirt and grime off your car rims. Zoflora penetrates stubborn dirt so you can wipe away dirt and grime easily.

3. Use Zoflora to Clean Built In Radiators

Do you have built-in heat radiators in your home? Any source of heat is a breeding ground for bacteria. That’s why you should clean your radiators regularly with Zoflora. But what you didn’t know is that the diluted Zoflora on the radiator will make your home smell amazing when the heat is turned on.

How to Do It

It’s important to dilute your Zoflora concentrate in water before using it on or near a heat source. Spray your Zoflora directly onto the radiator and leave it to dry. You can use a cloth to wipe down the radiator but the Zoflora fragrance will be more intense if you leave it as-is on the surface.

4. Disinfect and Clean Those Doormats

Doormats are designed to clean muddy or dirty shoes before you walk into your home. These outdoor mats can get really dirty after a while and they may be full of germs and bacteria. One of the many uses for Zoflora is disinfecting and deep cleaning items.

How to Do It

Get a large bucket and fill it with warm water. Add three to four capfuls of Zoflora concentrate to the water and mix the solution with a stick. Submerge your doormat into the Zoflora mixture and leave it to soak for 15 minutes. Remove the doormat from the water and use a large scrubbing brush to remove dirt from the fibres.

Place the doormat back into the bucket for final sanitisation and then remove it from the water and place it in the sun to dry out. The Zoflora will kill all the harmful microorganisms living in your doormat and it will remove dirt and stains from the doormat’s fibres.

5. Deodorise Smelly Shoes

Do you have shoes that have a foul odour inside of them that you can’t get rid of? You’ve tried shoe powders and washing powder but the smell still won’t come out. The best way to clean and deodorise your shoes is by soaking them in Zoflora.

How to Do It

Get a bucket and fill it with warm water and add two capfuls of your favourite Zoflora concentrate. Place your shoes in the mixture and leave them to soak for 30 minutes. Remove the shoes and leave them to dry in the sun. You can also try spritzing some Zoflora spray inside your shoes to eliminate odours.

6. Give Your Artificial Flowers an Actual Scent

Some artificial flowers look lovely in certain interior décor settings. But the only downside to fake flowers is that they don’t have a scent. So why not add a scent to your artificial flowers using your favourite Zoflora fragrance?

How to Do It

You’ll need a smaller Zoflora spray bottle for this task. You can get a 250ml spray bottle off of the Zoflora store. Fill your small spray bottle with water and add half a capful of Zoflora concentrate to the water. Close the bottle and shake it well. Spray two to three sprays of Zoflora on each artificial flower. The fragrance may last up to 24 hours.

7. Wipe Down Changing Mats and Tables

Sometimes changing your little one’s bottom can be a messy business. Before you know it you’ll have a dirty changing mat and table. The best way to keep your baby’s changing station clean is to disinfect it with Zoflora wipes or spray.

How to Do It

Take a look at this tutorial on how to make Zoflora wipes. Whenever there’s a mess to clean up simply pull a Zoflora wipe out of your container, wipe up the mess and throw the wipe into your nappy bin.

8.  Disinfect Your Toilet Brush

A toilet brush is one of the most important cleaning tools in your bathroom. It’s used to scrub your toilet bowl clean. But what’s the point of a toilet brush if it’s riddled with bacteria? That’s why you must disinfect your toilet brush with Zoflora the easy way.

How to Do It

If your toilet brush sits in a small bucket then this task will be easy for you. Fill your toilet brush bucket with a bit of water and add one capful of Zoflora to the mixture. Place your toilet brush into the holder to keep it sanitised.

However, if your toilet brush doesn’t come with a small bucket and it simply has a holder, you can spray Zoflora directly onto your brush. Or you can fill a bucket with water, add Zoflora concentrate and soak your toilet brush in the mixture.

Final Thoughts

Now you have an extra 8 uses for Zoflora to put on your list. We hope that you find these tips useful for cleaning other parts of your home. What will you be using Zoflora for? Leave us a comment below and let us know.