Want to know some amazing tips from Zoflora to help boost your productivity? Then you’ll enjoy today’s article. 

Do you struggle to find the motivation to do any task when you’re working from home? You’re not alone. It’s difficult staying productive when you have so much freedom! 

But there are tasks that we can’t leave to the last minute. So we’d like to give you seven strong tips that will help boost your productivity during your time working from home. Find out what fragrances improve concentration and how regular breaks can boost your motivation to complete tasks.

  1. Plan Your Day The Night Before

The first tip from Zoflora is to plan your day the night before. Whether you’re working from home or travelling to an office every day, you should always have a clear overview of what you need to do the next day. 

Planning your day can help you boost your motivation and help you stay in a positive mindset. Additionally, you’ll be able to switch off during the evening because writing a to-do list will ease your mind. 

When you plan your day, make sure you put all your priorities at the top of your list. This way you can complete all the important tasks first. Prioritising your tasks will eliminate the need to multitask between two projects.     

  1. Take Regular Breaks 

Work burnout is real especially if you’re working from home. People who work from home often don’t keep to regular working hours and this can cause fatigue and lack of motivation. You’ll also procrastinate more if you overwork yourself. 

The trick is to take regular breaks. Fuel up with a sandwich and a cup of coffee or tea and rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes in between major tasks. During your breaks avoid using your phone because this can make you not want to continue working. 

Humans are not supposed to function at high levels of energy for an extended period of time. Whether you’re working on your laptop or cleaning your house, it’s imperative that you take regular breaks so that you don’t suffer from fatigue. 

  1. Stay Active – Exercise or Dance 

Did you know that staying active boosts your motivation which in turn increases your productivity levels? Regular exercise raises your energy levels, combats stress and reduces fatigue. You don’t have to do high intensity workouts but if you want to raise your energy levels then stay active. 

Dancing is an excellent way to relieve stress and it doesn’t require a gym membership or professional lessons. Simply put on your favourite dancing music and dance around your house. Dancing is an excellent way to release the happiness chemicals in your brain such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. 

These chemicals make you feel happy and help boost your motivation. You can also do other types of exercises such as yoga, pilates or tai chi to lower your stress levels so you can have a clear mind when sorting out your tasks and priorities for the day.  

  1. Keep Your Home Clean 

Research shows that a dirty home can raise your stress levels and it increases anxiety. What’s more, a cluttered environment can contribute to poor concentration. Make sure your house is always tidy and your tabletops are clean. 

Most importantly make sure your workstation is always clean so you feel motivated to sit at your desk every day. To keep your workstation clean, use your favourite Zoflora product to wipe away dirt and grim. Simply add a capful of Zoflora to a spray bottle filled with water and use the diluted concentrate to wipe your desk clean. 

Furthermore, you can use your diluted Zoflora to kill germs and bacteria around your workspace. You’ll appreciate how easy it is to wipe away stubborn marks with Zoflora whether they’re coffee or food stains on your table. 

Every day after your shift has ended, tidy up your workstation. Keep your files in an organiser and pack your stationary away. This way, you’ll have a clean desk to come to every morning.  

  1. Use Wonderful Fragrances to Boost Your Mood

The advantage of Zoflora is that the brand makes a wide range of wonderful fragrances that can calm you down and boost your concentration. Take a look at the following Zoflora fragrances and they’re advantages: 

  • Honeysuckle & Jasmine: Research suggests that jasmine can boost your energy and lift your mood. If you’re feeling sluggish and unmotivated use Zoflora Honeysuckle & Jasmine to raise your energy levels. 
  • Lemon Zing: The scent of lemon can awaken your senses and improve your concentration. Use Zoflora’s Lemon Zing to clean your workstation if you want to get rid of brain fog. 
  • Lavender Escape: The scent of lavender can calm your nerves and make you feel relaxed. What’s more, this Zoflora fragrance can boost your concentration. Use it as an air freshener or cleaning aid around your workspace to lower your stress levels and boost brain power. 
  1. Put Away Your Phone 

Your smartphone is the number one cause of decreasing your productivity. When you pick up your phone to watch YouTube videos or scroll through Facebook you lose track of time or you become addicted to these platforms. 

You should avoid using your phone at all costs especially when you go on regular breaks. Instead of browsing social media during your breaks you should take a walk around your yard. Just 5 minutes in the sun can increase your motivation and prevent you from feeling fatigued.  

  1. Keep Regular Hours 

The last tip from Zoflora is to keep to your working hours. It’s important to keep to your regular working hours while you’re working from home so that you don’t experience burnout. Work a normal 8 hour shift from 8am to 5pm with at least an hour break every day. Anything that you don’t complete can be left for the next day provided there are no important deadlines. 

That’s why it’s crucial that you prioritise the important tasks to do in the morning and continue with the less urgent projects later on in the day. By prioritising your tasks you won’t feel the need to work over your hours and you’ll feel more relaxed in the evenings after work.   

Final Thoughts 

If you struggle to stay productive now that you’re working from home, then use these tips from Zoflora to help you. Even incorporating two tips from this article will significantly boost your productivity levels. 

What routine do you use to boost your productivity? Let us know by leaving a comment below. We always enjoy learning from our readers.