Are you one of those people that refuses to use a cleaning aid if it doesn’t foam? Non-foam cleaning aids are just as effective when wiping away dirt on surfaces. You don’t need to have copious amounts of foam to wash away grime.

Zoflora is a non-foam cleaning aid, and it cleans away stubborn dirty easily. It’s also a powerful disinfectant that will put your bleach to shame. So, if you want to try a non-foam cleaning product then continue reading. We’ll be giving you 5 non-foam benefits that will take your cleaning tasks to the next level!

Non-Foam vs Foam Cleaners

Non-foam cleaning products such as Zoflora are perfect for automatic washing machines. And did you know you can use a cap of Zoflora in your rinse cycle to disinfect your apparel and give it a lovely fresh scent? Foam cleaners are more for manual machines.

It’s important to know that high foam cleaners DO NOT clean better than low-foam cleaning aids. The level of foam produced by a cleaner is determined by the surfactants in the product. Surfactants such as cationic, non-ionic, and amphoteric creates little to no foam and are still effective at emulsifying dirt.

Although Zoflora doesn’t contain any surfactants it still effectively wipes away dirt and disinfects the surfaces you use it on.  

5 Ways Non-Foam Cleaning Aids Get the Job Done

Foam cleaning aids are still an ideal choice but some of them are more trouble than what they’re worth. So, we’re giving you 5 benefits of non-foam cleaning aids that will make your cleaning tasks so much easier.

1.      Non-Foam Cleaning Aids Leave No Residue

Have you noticed the sticky residue some foamy cleaning products leave behind? The sticky residue can make your surfaces look dull and sometimes attract more dirt. With non-foaming cleaning products, you can say good-bye to annoying sticky surfaces.

2.      Non-Foam Cleaning Aids are Easier to Use

Some foamy cleaning aids are difficult to use because they produce too much foam. You also land up spending more time trying to clean up foam than cleaning your surfaces properly. With a non-foam cleaning aid, you can simply wipe your surfaces down without spending an extra 10 minutes rinsing your surfaces with water.

With your diluted Zoflora mixture you can simply wipe down counters, ornaments, and floors without needing to rinse them off afterwards.

3.      Non-Foam Cleaning Aids Clean Effectively

As mentioned before, non-foam cleaning products can clean off surfaces well without leaving behind unwanted foam. With Zoflora, you can clean off oil stains on your stovetop, grime off your tyre rims and even stubborn dirt off your windows.

What’s more, you can clean your drains with Zoflora, and it won’t cause a foamy mess in your sink. Zoflora is designed to remove sticky and stubborn messes off surfaces easily.  

4.      Non-Foam Cleaning Aids Leave No Streaky Mess

Have you ever tried to clean your windows or glass shower doors only to find that the cleaning product leaves behind unsightly streaks? Those streaks can be a hassle to get rid off and will add more unnecessary time onto your cleaning task.

If you don’t want the pain of trying to get streaks off your glass surfaces, then you should consider using a non-foam cleaning product such as Zoflora. Simply, fill your bucket with warm water, pour in two caps of Zoflora and use your squeegee to remove dirt from your windows or shower doors.

No foam means no streaks and no irritating foam spots on your glass surfaces!

5.      Non-Foam Cleaning Aids Are Easier to Rinse Out of Cleaning Tools

Some people prefer to rinse their cleaning tools thoroughly after use. There are some foamy cleaning products that make it difficult for you to properly rinse your cloths and sponges out. The foam can leave your cleaning tools feeling hard and crusty from soap build-up.

On the other hand, Zoflora is a product that not only washes out of your cleaning tools easily, but it disinfects them too. If you want to keep your cleaning tools bacteria free, simply throw them all in a bucket, pour warm water over them and then add two caps of Zoflora. Leave your cleaning tools to soak for at least 30 minutes so Zoflora can eliminate all the germs and bacteria hiding in the fabric of your cleaning tools.

Final Thoughts

Are you tired of foamy messes that take too long to rinse? Then you need one of the best non-foam cleaning aids on the market! Zoflora doesn’t leave behind irritating streaks and it cleans away sticky and stubborn messes from any surface.

The only thing you must do is pick your favourite Zoflora fragrance and you’ll have a powerful non-foam cleaning product to use anywhere in your home. What’s more, you can use Zoflora to clean all sorts of areas such as drains, your toilet, floors, your entire kitchen and even dust bins.

Do you like non-foamy cleaning aids? Let us know in the comments section below.