Spring started in South Africa on the 1st of September and many people use this time to chuck out any unused items around the house. If you have to spring clean annually maybe you should try sticking to spring cleaning resolutions.

If you don’t want to spend hours every year trying to rid your home of all the things you’ve accumulated over the months then perhaps our article will help you. Today we’ll be giving you our top spring cleaning resolutions with the help of Zoflora.

So if you’re serious about maintaining your household all year round the tips that you’re about to read are tasks that you’ll be able to stick to easily. Keep reading to find out more.

Spring Cleaning Resolutions 1: Rid Your Home of Clutter 

It’s natural to accumulate clutter over the months. Sometimes we give in to buying things we don’t need that simply take up counter or cupboard space. When you start getting frustrated with items lying around it’s time for you to start getting rid of the clutter in your home.

Streamline your countertops and place everything you don’t use regularly into a pile. You should do this task once a month to ensure you’re sticking to your spring cleaning resolutions. If your items are in excellent condition then give them away to people who need it most.

There are plenty of charity organisations that you can donate your items to. Once you’ve gotten rid of all the clutter in your home, use your bottle of Zoflora to disinfect your surfaces. Zoflora concentrate comes with a trigger spray bottle. Use this bottle to dilute 1 cap of Zoflora concentrate in water. Then spray your surfaces with the formula to rid them of bacteria and harmful viruses.

Inspect Every Corner of Your Home

Sometimes we don’t notice what’s happening around the small spaces in our homes. If you’re not careful mould can start to grow in corners or ants can start eating through your skirting boards. It’s important to inspect every inch of your home to ensure there’s no water damage or fungus growing in the corners of your house.

If you do notice mould growth in damp areas such as your bathroom or kitchen, then use your bottle of Zoflora concentrate to kill the spores. Simply spray Zoflora directly onto the mould and leave it to soak for 5 minutes. Then take a scrubbing brush or cloth to wipe it away.

Don’t forget to wear a mask when you’re ridding your home of mould because the spores can cause you to become ill if you breathe them in. Once you’ve gotten rid of the mould with your Zoflora you’ll notice that your house smells better.

Grime in Tile Grouting Has to Go

Have you noticed how dark the colour of your grouting is in between your bathroom or kitchen tiles? Sometimes when you mop your floors you don’t realise that you’re pushing dirt into these crevices. The dark grouting makes your floors look unpleasant and there could be harmful bacteria sitting in these areas.

Zoflora is a product that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria on all surfaces but it also deep cleans areas. The best way to clean your grouting is to spray the Zoflora formula directly onto the areas and leave it to soak for 10 minutes. Then use a flat brush to scrub in between your tiles.

You can wipe away the access with a cloth or mop. Make sure you clean and disinfect your mop with Zoflora first before you wipe away the dirt on your tiles.

Repeat this process once a month or when you start noticing discolouration in between your tiles.

Keep Your Linen Clean, Fresh and Folded

There’s nothing like fresh-pressed linen on your bed. It’s also hospitable to provide fresh clean linen to guests when they sleep over. The best way to keep your linen clean and fresh is to use Zoflora in your washing machine when you’re doing your laundry.

Place a cap of your favourite Zoflora fragrance in the fabric softener compartment in your washing machine. Your linen will have a wonderful fragrance that you’ll love. Press your linen and fold them neatly before placing them in a dry cupboard.

Ways to Keep the Sink Empty

It can be frustrating when dishes start to pile up in the sink. You can’t get to the taps because cups and plates are blocking them because you’ve failed to do your dishes for the day. A way you can keep your sink clean is by washing a dish every time you use one.

Ensure that everyone in the house washes their dishes as soon as they’ve finished eating and drinking so the sink can stay empty. Then disinfect your sink every day with your bottle of diluted Zoflora. Cleaning your sink every day will prevent pest infestations and mildew from forming.

Spring Cleaning Resolution 6: Have a Signature Zoflora Scent in Your Home

You always want your home to smell pleasant especially if you have guests over regularly. Other air fresheners don’t seem to last as long so what can you do to keep your home smelling fantastic all the time? Simply use your favourite Zoflora fragrance around the house.

Your bottle of diluted Zoflora spray is also an air freshener that will last for up to 24 hours. Make sure you pick a fragrance for your home that you can use all the time so you have a signature scent. Zoflora eliminates the foul odours in your house so your home always smells fresh and clean.

Final Thoughts

Are you going to stick to your spring cleaning resolutions this year? Maintaining a house doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do is practice excellent cleaning habits and your home will stay clean and neat all year round.

Zoflora can help you keep your house clean and bacteria-free. Visit the Zoflora website and pick the fragrance you want to use in your home. As you can see in today’s spring cleaning tips, Zoflora can be used for a multitude of cleaning tasks. So which Zoflora product will you pick?