Did you know that next week is Teacher’s Day? Educators are some of the most hardworking people and it’s always great to show just how much you appreciate them. So why not spoil your teacher with the gift of Zoflora?

There are plenty of amazing goodies you can include in the package. In today’s article, we’ll give you tips on what products you can include in your Teacher’s Day gift. We’ll also give you tips on which Zoflora fragrance is ideal for the classroom. Keep reading to find out more!

The Gift of Zoflora

To spoil your teacher, you want to include everything they’ll need to add a fresh scent to their classrooms. You also want to include handy cleaning tools so your teacher can keep their workstation bacteria-free. If you want to give your teacher a meaningful gift this teachers day, then here are all the Zoflora products you can include in the package:

  • Microfibre cloths: Does your teacher have a favourite colour? Then you’ll be happy to know that Zoflora microfibre cloths come in a variety of bright colours such as yellow, blue, green, black and red.
  • Spray bottles: Zoflora has two spray bottle sizes. One is a small 250ml bottle that fits well inside a handbag or backpack. The other bottle has a large 500ml capacity and it’s ideal for cleaning large surface areas. Spoil your teacher with both bottles so they can disinfect small to large areas easily.
  • Spring fragrances: Ideally, you want to spoil your teacher with more than one Zoflora fragrance. Since we are currently in the spring season, choose fragrances that have a fresh fruity fragrance. Choose up to three fragrances such as coconut and lime, cranberry and orange and lavender.

Include other gifts inside your hamper that you know your teacher might love such as a Cadbury chocolate and some flowers.  

What Your Teacher Can Use Zoflora For

A Zoflora hamper is the perfect gift for teachers who want to keep their classrooms free from harmful viruses and bacteria. Here’s why a Zoflora hamper is the ideal gift to spoil your teacher this Teacher’s Day.

Disinfect and Clean Desks

Zoflora is proven to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria including the COVID-19 virus. So, it’s the perfect product to keep desks clean and virus-free. Furthermore, your teacher can spray all the desks in the classroom to kill harmful microorganisms that cause illnesses.

Wipe Down Chairs

Desks aren’t the only dirty furniture in the classroom. Additionally, chairs can pick up dust, dirt, and bacteria. Your teacher can use Zoflora to wipe down chairs to keep them clean and to eliminate harmful viruses and germs.

Disinfect Stationary

Your teacher will most likely use plenty of pens, pencils, rulers, and stamps to mark books. The benefit of Zoflora is it the solution can be used to disinfect small items that get touched regularly. These items include:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Sharpeners
  • Staplers
  • Stamps
  • Rulers
  • Highlighters

Clean Off Chair Bags

Some teachers allow students to have chair bags to place books and other items to keep desks clutter-free. It’s important to keep these chair bags sanitised to stop the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria. Your teacher can simply spray chair bags with a diluted solution of Zoflora to kill germs and viruses.

Disinfect Door Handles

Door handles are touched by many hands that can transfer germs and viruses from person to person. With Zoflora, your teacher can keep door handles free from potential viruses that can cause students major health problems.

Wipe Windows and Walls

Dust and debris can make windows and walls inside a classroom look dull and dreary. Your teacher can keep walls and windows bright and clean with the help of Zoflora.

Freshen Up the Space

Another reason why Zoflora is so popular is that it can be used as an air freshener. Sometimes classrooms can start to smell bad because of a lack of airflow through the space. Your teacher can freshen up the classroom simply by spraying some diluted Zoflora into the air.

The Best Fragrance to Choose to Spoil Your Teacher

One of the best Zoflora fragrances to choose to spoil your teacher is Lavender or Lavender Escape. This may be the perfect fragrance to use to keep students feeling calm and relaxed. Lavender has properties that keep people calm. What’s more, it’s renowned for creating a calm atmosphere.

Lavender or Lavender Escape will be the perfect fragrance if your teacher and students always feel uptight and stressed. A few sprays of the lavender fragrance in the air will keep the classroom smelling like a fresh garden and it will create a peaceful ambience.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to spoil your teacher this Teacher’s Day with a Zoflora hamper? Head on to our website to choose the fragrances, bottles, and cloths to include in your hamper. Your teacher will be hooked on Zoflora and before you know it, they’ll be buying more fragrances to add to their collection.