Sometimes you simply need a small amount of disinfectant to clean smaller areas. With a fashionable Honey sanitiser pen, you can pour a small amount of Zoflora and water into the back of the pen so you always have disinfectant on hand.

In today’s post, we explain where you can use your Honey sanitiser pen and the benefits of having this handy item with you at all times. We’ll also explain how you can get your very own Honey pen. Keep reading to find out more!

Small Areas You Can Disinfect with Your Sanitiser Pen

You don’t need to lug around a 500ml Zoflora spray bottle everywhere you go. The Honey fashion sanitiser pen is perfect for small areas around your office, car and home. Here are ways you can use your sanitiser pen.

Steering Wheel

Your car’s steering wheel is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, especially if your hands tend to sweat while you’re driving. The back of your Honey pen has a section where you can fill the pen with Zoflora. It also has a spray nozzle to disperse Zoflora on surfaces evenly.

To rid your steering wheel of dirt, grime and bacteria simply use the back of your Honey pen and spray your wheel down. Leave it to dry or whip it with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Car Keys

Car keys are among the dirtiest objects you touch every day. Many of us don’t think to wash our car keys so they hold thousands of bacteria and germs. Your car keys can also carry harmful viruses such as salmonella and even the COVID-19 virus.

Before you touch your car keys lay them out on a flat surface and spray them with Zoflora once or twice using your Honey sanitiser pen.


Stationery in your office or school bag can become dirty and riddled with germs especially if you lend your stationery to other people. If you find that your highlighters, pens and pencils are looking a bit grimy, simply spray them using your Honey pen. You can either leave the Zoflora to dry or use a clean cloth to wipe each stationery item clean.


A laptop is an electronic device so you have to take caution when disinfecting it with Zoflora. To avoid spraying liquid into electric components spray the Zoflora onto a soft cloth and then use it to wipe your laptop clean. The Zoflora solution removes dirt, germs and viruses from the surface of your keyboard and keeps it disinfected for up to 24 hours.


Door Handles

If you don’t clean door handles regularly, bacteria and viruses can spread to every person who touches them. Use the back of your Honey sanitiser pen to disinfect door handles around your home, office and schools. To ensure maximum protection, you should sanitize your door handles once every two days.

Restaurant Tables

Some people don’t like to flash their bottles of disinfectant in public spaces. The benefit of the honey sanitiser pen is that it’s discreet so you can disinfect tables at a restaurant without anyone noticing. What’s more, your Zoflora fragrance will add a pleasant aroma to the area to create a calming atmosphere when you’re eating at a restaurant.

The Benefits of a Sanitizer Pen

It’s Compact

One of the most beneficial features of the Honey sanitiser pen is that it’s compact and discrete. It can fit in a shirt pocket or securely in a section of a handbag. It also comes with a clip so you can secure it on a notepad. You can travel anywhere with your pen and your trusty solution of Zoflora.

You Always Have a Pen On Hand

Everyone should have a pen on them at all times when they leave the house. You never know when you need to sign documents, enter competitions or write down notes. And if you find that you’re dealing with dirty or germ-infested surfaces you can simply whip out your Honey sanitiser pen and spray Zoflora on the area.


It’s Fashionable

It can look unbecoming to travel with a big bottle of disinfectant, especially in a corporate or school environment. A Honey sanitiser pen is fashionable, small and convenient so no one will ever know that you’re walking around with a powerful vial of disinfectant.

The Zoflora Inside Smells Amazing

Zoflora has a pleasant fragrance so you can use it to add a fresh scent to public bathrooms, your office or your classroom. Whenever you want to freshen up an area, simply use your Honey sanitiser pen to spray a few spritz of Zoflora into the air.   

How to Get Your Honey Sanitizer Pen

A Honey sanitiser pen is extremely convenient because you can go everywhere with your Zoflora. Remember that Zoflora is a powerful disinfectant for up to 2 weeks after dilution. So how do you get your fashionable Honey sanitiser pen?

Well, if you spend R350 or more you will receive your very own Honey sanitiser pen for free! Simply visit our store to buy fragrances, microfiber cloths and spray bottles so you can get your free goodie. Or WhatsApp us on 082-882-9276 for more details.