Zoflora is 100% safe to use around the house if you have pets. However, you must follow the instructions given by Zoflora to keep your pets safe. This is true for any detergent or cleaning aid that you use around your home.

But accidents can happen and sometimes your pets may come into contact with Zoflora that hasn’t been diluted. In today’s article, we’d like to talk about how to use Zoflora around the home and what to do if your pet accidentally comes into contact with the product. Keep reading to find out more!

Follow Zoflora’s Instructions Around Pets

All cleaning products have safety instructions on them and it’s important never to skip over them when you’re using Zoflora to clean your home. This is especially true if you have pets or children living in your home.

Zoflora has specific instructions when using the product around your pets. Here are some ways to keep your pets safe while using Zoflora:

  • Remove food and water bowls when spraying Zoflora around the home.
  • Make sure your floors are dry after using Zoflora because the product can get onto your pets’ paws.
  • Make sure fish tanks are closed and covered while you’re using Zoflora. Keep them covered for 30 minutes after spraying Zoflora around the home.
  • Ensure your cats and dogs are outside when you spray Zoflora into the air or onto surfaces as you don’t want the product to settle on their fur.
  • When disinfecting toys with Zoflora, rinse and dry them thoroughly afterwards.
  • Zoflora can be used to disinfect dog and cat beds but make sure you rinse them and dry them thoroughly afterwards.

If you have any other questions about how to keep pets safe while using Zoflora, simply leave us a comment below this article.

Your Pets Are Always Curious

Cats have more freedom than dogs because they can climb up on counters and inside cupboards. What’s more, cats are extremely curious so they’re at the most risk of being exposed to diluted Zoflora.

To prevent your cats from finding and knocking over your bottle of Zoflora, make sure you keep it in a cupboard they can’t open. For extra precaution, rinse your bottles after every use to rid the bottle of any Zoflora residue.

If you mop your floors with Zoflora, ensure that you empty the bucket of dirty water and rinse the bucket and mop thoroughly. Don’t leave the bucket of diluted Zoflora lying around because your pets may drink from it.

How Zoflora May Come into Contact with Your Pet

As mentioned before, accidents can happen and sometimes undiluted Zoflora may splash onto your pet’s skin while you’re pouring it into your Zoflora spray bottle. Even diluted Zoflora can cause pets skin to become itchy and irritated.

If your pets walk on wet floors that have been cleaned with Zoflora they can get the cleaning aid onto their paws. Sometimes they can brush up against wet mops that were used to clean Zoflora. That’s why it’s important to make sure all your surfaces and cleaning tools are completely dry before you let pets inside the house.

Signs Your Pets Have Come into Direct Contact with Zoflora Concentrate

Are your cats or dogs licking their paws excessively? They may have walked over a wet floor that was cleaned with Zoflora. Examine your pets’ paws. If you notice red or moist patches, they may have contracted an infection.

Check for swelling around the nose, mouth and eyes. If you have cats, look for sores in the mouth. If you suspect that your pets’ infections may be the cause of being exposed to Zoflora then these tips may assist you:

  • Thoroughly rinse your pets’ paws with cool water
  • Wipe your pets face with a damp cloth
  • Rinse your pet’s coat with cool water if you notice red patches on the skin
  • Wipe ears with a clean damp cloth

If you are still worried, we recommend you call your vet for assistance. Your vet will be able to administer medication that will help with swelling and infections.

Final Thoughts – Important Note

Zoflora is safe to use in your home if you have pets, but you must follow the instructions diligently. Always use the correct ratios when diluting Zoflora and keep the product out of reach of pets and children.

Your Zoflora fragrance helps to rid your home of bad pet smells but make sure you’re not putting your fur babies at risk by using the product incorrectly. Use this article as a guide to use Zoflora safely around pets.