Are you wondering why your home feels dreary and cold inside? Do you feel annoyed when you enter a room in your home and you’re not sure why? You’re not alone. That’s why we’re giving you some tips on how to create a happy home for you and your family.

You’ll feel much happier in your environment if you change a few things. Clean, neat homes have proven to elevate a person’s mood. But there are also other ways you can create a happy home and we’d like to share these secrets with you. Keep reading to find out more.

Create a Happy Home by Making Your Space Airy

Did you know that the colour of your room can have a major impact on your mood? Ideally, you want an airy room that feels bright and warm. If you’re up for the challenge you can give your home a complete makeover by painting your walls and ceilings with light or neutral colours.

White and grey are the perfect tones to create an airy and bright home. You may want to stay away from red or yellow undertones because they can make a room look dark.

Add light accents such as white carpets and curtains. Or create a contrast by adding blue or viridian green accents such as paintings or tables.

And lastly, you must make sure that your home is clean at all times. A dirty home can put a damper on everyone’s mood and make your home feel unpleasant to be in. Make sure all your surfaces are wiped down and your floors are spotless. You can clean your surfaces and floors with a bottle of your favourite Zoflora fragrance.

Make sure you always have a bottle of diluted Zoflora with you. Or make your own Zoflora wipes so you have a cleaning aid on hand when you need to wipe down surfaces.  

Create a Happy Home by Making it Cozy  

Many people struggle to create a cosy space because they’re not sure what elements to add to the rooms in their homes. The first thing you should do is add comfortable furniture such as puffy couches or recliners.

The best way to make a room feel cozy is to add layers to your furniture such as throw blankets on backrests and snuggly pillows. Lay a plush carpet on the ground that feels soft under your feet. Install underfloor heating or an oven heater.    

Another tip is to use the correct lighting at night. Install lights with yellow tones and use lamps that allow you to dim the lights to create a calm ambience.  

Here are Some Bonus Tips

There are ways you can create a happy home without renovating your house. Here are some bonus tips on how to create a happy home without spending too much money.

Let the Sun In

You should always open up your curtains during the day to let natural light shine through your home. If you have neutral colour backgrounds and light-toned accents your room will feel a lot brighter when the sun shines through it. You can also hang a mirror on your wall to reflect more light.

Place Fresh Potted Plants Strategically

Bring a bit of nature into your home by adding potted plants to some tabletops or in-between lamps. Some plants will improve your indoor air quality naturally. Furthermore, colourful flowers will add a beautiful contrast to your home especially if you have light coloured walls and accents.

Use Zoflora as an Air Freshener

The advantage of Zoflora is that you can use it as an air freshener. Choose any Zoflora fragrance to eliminate foul odours in your home and add a pleasant fragrance to any room. There are plenty of Zoflora fragrances to choose from but if you want to create a cosy environment you should pick one of the following products:

  • Linen Fresh
  • Lavender Escape
  • Honeysuckle and Jasmine

Open Up Your Windows

Let the air flow through your home by opening up all the windows. By opening up your windows you’ll allow fresh air into your home as well as light and warmth from the sun. Fresh air will eliminate brain fog and make you feel more awake. What’s more, the sunlight from open windows can naturally warm up your home without the need for HV/AC systems.

Move Your Furniture Around

Have you ever heard of feng shui? It’s an ancient Chinese practice that harmonises individuals with their surrounding space. All you have to do is rearrange your furniture to create balance in your home. However, it’s more than simply moving your furniture around. Feng shui allows you to position your furniture in a way that creates positive energy in your home.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are plenty of ways you can create a happy home. But the most important thing is to keep your home clean and smelling fresh at all times. You can keep your home clean and add a pleasant aroma to your space using your favourite Zoflora fragrance.

What are your practices when creating a happy home? Let us know in the comments below. We are always happy to engage with our readers.