Are you looking for a new way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day this year? Every year, people around the world find interesting ways to celebrate the Irish holiday. This year, why not take your celebrations in a more environmentally-friendly direction?

St. Patrick’s Day is an annual cultural and religious celebration that honors the patron saint of Ireland. It is celebrated all over the world with a variety of green foods and drinks, parades, and other activities. To mark this special day, many people strive to incorporate themes of luck into their decorating schemes or menu plans.

At its roots, Saint Patrick’s Day began in peace and harmony but today much of our modern celebration has been commercialized and even forgotten about its true intent. However, it’s never too late to return to its original purpose by incorporating green – both literally as well as figuratively – into your Saint Patrick’s Day festivities this year! Here are some great ideas on how you can go green while celebrating St. Paddy’s day with friends and family.

Look for Locally Sourced and Eco-Friendly Ingredients For Your Meals

One of the greatest things about Saint Patrick’s day is that you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate. Everyone is considered Irish on Saint Paddy’s Day!

With that being said, your family will enjoy delicious traditional Irish meals on St. Patrick’s Day, but why not make your dishes sustainable? Try to buy organic ingredients that are locally produced whenever possible. This reduces emissions produced by transportation and goes a long way toward supporting local agricultural producers.

Wear Sustainable Clothing This Saint Patrick’s Day

Clothing made of eco-friendly materials like bamboo and hemp is more comfortable to wear than conventional fabrics like polyester or nylon and it also looks great! Plus, many sustainable fabrics are derived from renewable sources that don’t require as much energy or water to be produced as conventional materials do.

Practice Reusing and Recycling Materials

Making use of items that would otherwise end up in landfills is an important consideration when it comes to going green this St Paddy’s Day. Take any bottles or cans you have lying around, sort them according to which recycling bin they go into, then bring them down to the nearest recycling facility – you’ll be helping out Mother Nature in the process!

So if you have tons of empty Zoflora bottles, caps and boxes simply sort them and take them to your local recycling plant. Or find cool tips and tricks to recycle your Zoflora bottles and boxes.

Saint Patrick’s Day Parties? – Choose Eco-Friendly Decorations

When celebrating St Patrick’s Day, why not think twice before buying decorations? Instead, opt for homemade decorations with recycled materials such as paper bags and newspaper scraps. It’ll save you both money and resources!

You can even cut up your old Zoflora boxes to make cool decorations. Or cut up your bottles to make planters so you can grow lucky clovers around your garden.  

Carpool/Take Public Transportation

If your group plans on heading downtown all at once, consider carpooling or taking public transportation instead of each person driving their own car. Collective transit reduces emissions significantly! You could even rent an electric car if there’s one conveniently located near you.

Zoflora Fragrances That Are Perfect for Saint Paddy’s Day

Are you looking for the ideal fragrance that’s Saint Paddy’s themed? Then you’ll absolutely love Country Garden. This fragrance has notes of delicate rose, sweet orange blossom, and bergamot. You may also like Twilight Garden because it has rich notes of ylang and jasmine with uplifting aromas of apple and peach.

These two fragrances will make you feel like you’re walking through a magical forest filled with pixies and faeries, ideal for any Irish theme.

Final Thoughts

Saint Patrick’s Day is a fun celebration for all, but it’s also an opportunity to see how you can change the world for the better. Go green this Saint Paddy’s Day with the tips and tricks provided in this article.

Do you have a specific way in which you make your home more sustainable? Let us know in the comments section below.