Did you know that laundry detergent alone doesn’t kill germs and bacteria? Detergent is designed to clean your clothes, but it won’t remove harmful bacteria or viruses from your linen and fabrics. Fortunately, Zoflora is a disinfectant that you can use on all types of fabrics.

In today’s article, we’d like to show you the various linen and fabric items you can disinfect and freshen up using Zoflora.  Keep reading to find out the best methods to kill viruses and bacteria living on your fabrics and linen.

Why Should You Clean Linen and Fabrics Regularly?

Linen tends to harbour dust mites and other microorganisms if you don’t wash them regularly. Bed linen that hasn’t been washed in a while can cause asthma, skin breakouts and allergies. For improved health and sleep quality, you should wash your bed linen once a week.

Furthermore, fabrics such as towels can have a build-up of oil and dust that can also cause skin allergies and breakouts. Towels should be washed after every use. Other fabrics such as table clothes get dirty because people mess food on them. Mould can grow on table clothes that aren’t washed regularly.

The benefit of clean linen and fabrics is that it promotes comfort and wellbeing, and it prevents you from falling ill.

How Does Zoflora Work on Linen and Fabrics?

Zoflora has specific active ingredients that disrupt the lipid coats of bacteria and viruses that prevent them from spreading. Even when you dilute Zoflora concentrate in water it still has antibacterial properties. When using Zoflora on linen and fabrics, the solution penetrates deep within their fibres to remove 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria including COVID-19.

Linen and Fabrics You Can Clean with Zoflora

If you live in a home, you’ll most likely have plenty of fabrics and linen that you use regularly. In this next section, we’ll give you some tips on how to clean the different types of linen and fabrics you have in the home.


Damp towels can start to smell musty if you don’t wash them regularly. What’s more, there’s nothing worse than drying yourself with a towel that stinks. Fortunately, there are various Zoflora fragrances you can use to freshen up your towels. Zoflora will eliminate odours as well as the bacteria on your towels.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Place towels in your washing machine.
  2. Put your normal detergent in the space provided in your washing machine.
  3. Pour one cap of Zoflora concentrate into your rinse cycle.
  4. Allow the machine to run a wash cycle as normal.
  5. Hang your towels up to dry.

You’ll now have fresh, clean, and germ-free towels.


Carpets can harbour dust mites and fleas depending on the carpet pile. People can also trample harmful viruses into your house if they walk on your carpets with their shoes. To kill any potential viruses and dust mites on your carpets, you’ll need a Zoflora spray bottle.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Fill a 500ml Zoflora spray bottle with water.
  2. Add one cap of Zoflora concentrate to the water.
  3. Close the bottle and shake it until the water and Zoflora are mixed thoroughly.
  4. Spray the solution lightly over your carpets.

The Zoflora will kill any harmful microorganisms living deep within your carpet’s fibres. And the disinfectant will leave a fresh fragrance on your carpets for up to 24 hours.


Did you know that pillows can be as dirty as toilet seats if you don’t wash them regularly? According to Men’s Health, the top 5 grossest things found on unclean pillows are:

  • Dust mites
  • Fungi
  • Dead skin cells
  • Pet dander
  • Faecal matter

That last one in the list may have you reacting in disgust, and rightfully so. Science shows that the human body has small traces of faecal matter over the skin and you can spread this matter around the home. But it’s advised not to burn your pillowcases. Simply put them in a wash cycle with a cap of Zoflora concentrate to rid your pillowcases of unwanted bacteria.

Bed Covers

As mentioned before, you should wash your bed linen once every week because sheets and duvet covers can harbour unwanted microorganisms. What’s more, if you have pets that sleep on your bed, they can transfer parasites and Staph infections.

To rid your bed linen of any parasites or diseases your pet may have brought into your home, simply follow these steps:

  1. Put your linen in your washing machine.
  2. Place laundry detergent in the specified location.
  3. Pour one cap of Zoflora concentrate into the rinse cycle.
  4. Run a washing cycle as normal.

You can also spray your bed mattress with Zoflora every day to eliminate unwanted germs and bacteria.


Couches are difficult to keep clean if they’re wrapped in fabric. If you have leather couches, they’ll be easier to clean. For those who have couches wrapped in woven fabric, you may want to spray them down regularly with Zoflora. Simply fill your Zoflora bottle with water and one cap of Zoflora concentrate and spray the solution evenly over your couches to kill bacteria and viruses.


Taking curtains down to wash them regularly can be tedious. These pieces of material attract dust and absorb odours. That’s why you should wash your curtains every three to six months. To prevent bacteria and potential viruses from settling on your curtains you can spray them once a week with Zoflora.

Rinsing Clothes

Have you encountered someone who is COVID-19 positive? With Zoflora you can either wash your clothes or spray them with a solution of Zoflora to kill the virus. This is ideal if you encounter a lot of people every day.

If you have the COVID-19 virus you can disinfect your clothes by running them through a rinse cycle in your washing machine with one to two caps of Zoflora concentrate.

Final Thoughts

Normal cleaning detergents are not effective enough to remove viruses and bacteria from your clothes. To keep you and your loved ones safe you should wash your linen and fabrics in Zoflora. Use the tips in this article to assist you.