Are you the type of person to put your Christmas tree up at the last minute? Don’t feel alone. Many others are late with putting up their trees too. So when you have last-minute decorating to do, you may not have the patience to make your Christmas tree look like it fell out of Santa’s workshop.

Zoflora is here to help you with some awesome Christmas tree decorating hacks. With these hacks decorating will be quick and it will be easier for you to remove decorations when it’s time to take the tree down. If you already have your tree up then the last hack on our list is for you! Keep reading to find out more.  

Choose a Theme

Does your Christmas tree always look messy? Do you wish your tree could look like they do in the movies? The best way to make your tree aesthetically pleasing is to choose a theme. Your theme can consist of three colours. Most people choose gold, silver and red to add to the Christmas theme or you can choose unique colours such as blue, purple and silver.

Deciding on a theme before buying decorations sets the tone and gives you an idea of how to decorate your tree. There are thousands of themes to choose from. If you’d like some inspiration here are 25 stunning Christmas tree themes you’ll love.

Fluff and Shape Your Christmas Tree  

The key to having an aesthetically pleasing tree is shaping the branches. You want all the branches to be straight so your decorations sit well on your tree. Spend some time shaping your branches and fluffing them so your decorations hang neatly around your tree.

You’ll also have more space to place tinsel and ribbons when you shape your Christmas tree correctly.

Lights Go On First!

The biggest mistake you can make is putting your Christmas lights around the tree last. Putting your Christmas lights on first makes it easier for you to remove decorations when it’s time to take the tree down.

The wiring will also be hidden by the decorations if you put the lights around the Christmas tree first. Additionally, it will be easier for you to add more decorations if you place your lights on before the ornaments.

A rule of thumb is to choose 5 meters of lights or 100 bulbs per meter of Christmas tree. So if you have a large 3-meter tree, you’ll need 15 meters or 300 bulbs of Christmas lights.  

Tinsel or Bows?

Tinsel is a stunning decoration to add to your tree but many people struggle to make it look neat. If you want to add tinsel to your tree, place it in a spiral down the branches. Start at the top of your tree and then wrap the tinsel in a spiral all the way down to the bottom.

If you still can’t make the tinsel look neat, then you can ditch it for some bows. Place big bows in between all your decorations to fill in the gaps of your tree.

Balance the Decorations

It’s important to choose accents that will work well for your theme. You want decorations that will complement the aesthetics of your tree. This will also help you balance out your decorations so that it looks like it was done by a pro.

Arrange your embellishments from the top of your tree and work your way towards the bottom. Stand back often to see where there are spaces and how you can fill in the gaps. You want to spread your decorations out evenly so that there aren’t clusters of decorations in one spot.

Sprits Your Christmas Tree With Zoflora

Once your Christmas tree has been decorated to your liking you can add a beautiful natural scent to it. If you want your home to have a pleasant Christmas themed aroma, you can sprits the tree with Zoflora. Here’s how to do it:

  • Pick a Christmas themed Zoflora fragrance such as Winter Spice
  • Fill a 250ml Zoflora spray bottle with water
  • Add half a cap of Zoflora concentrate to the bottle
  • Close the spray bottle and shake it well
  • Walk around the tree and sprits Zoflora onto the branches
  • Be sure not to sprits the liquid onto the Christmas lights

You now have a beautifully decorated tree that will emit a pleasant aroma around your living room. After you’ve sprayed your tree with Zoflora you can start placing your Christmas presents under your tree.

Final Thoughts  

Not only will Zoflora add a pleasant fragrance to your tree but it will also disinfect it. So if little children decide they want to touch the branches or decorations Zoflora will prevent the transfer of germs and bacteria.

We hope this article helped you with some tips and tricks to decorate your Christmas tree. If your tree is already up then consider spritzing it with Zoflora to give it a Christmas themed scent.