Christmas is a few days away and everyone is scrambling to get their gift shopping done. But what about your home? You’ll want to prepare your home if you’re having guests or family over for lunch. The best way to bring in that festive cheer is to use Zoflora Christmas fragrances. 

There are some divine spicy aromas that you can use to make your home smell fresh and inviting for the holidays. Find out what these fragrances are and how to use them right here! 

Why Use Zoflora Christmas Fragrances? 

Have you ever watched a Christmas movie and wondered what the homes in the film could smell like? Chances are these homes smell like, ginger, eggnog, and cinnamon sticks. All these fragrances have a calming effect and help elevate your mood. 

You can experience the same effects when you use Zoflora Christmas fragrances around your home. The spicey, fruity and warm aromas bring the joy of the festive season into your humble abode, making your home a relaxing place to be this Christmas. 

How Do Zoflora Chrismtas Frangrances Work?

Zoflora Christmas fragrances are used the same way you would any other Zoflora product. You can dilute two caps of Zoflora into a 500ml spray bottle and use it as a surface disinfectant or even as an air freshener.

On the other hand, whenever you use your Zoflora Christmas fragrances the scent will last for up to 24 hours. You can spray the solution on your couches, curtains and even your Christmas tree before your guests arrive on Christmas day. 

Before you use your Zoflora Christmas Fragrances for cleaning, disinfecting, or freshening up your environment you should read the safety measures. This will ensure you’re using your product correctly. 

Top Zoflora Chrismas Fragrances to Try

Did you know that certain smells can have a different effect on your brain? That’s why some people use specific fragrances for aromatherapy. So if you want to get into the spirit of the festive session we recommend using these top Zoflora Christmas Fragrances: 

  • Winter Spice: A combination of warm cinnamon and cloves with a dash of vanilla and orange. It also has a sweet and spicy blend suitable for keeping the Christmas spirit alive in your home. 
  • Sparkling Spruce: This wonderful Zoflora Christmas fragrance has a combination of eucalyptus and spruce with notes of nutmeg and pine. It’s ideal to use when the days get cold because of its uplifting scent.  
  • Warm Cinnamon: Add a Christmas scent of baked cookies and cakes into your home with this wonderful inviting fragrance. It’s similar to Winter Spice but without the orange zing. You’ll love the combination of cinnamon and cloves with notes of vanilla. 

Zoflora Also Makes the Perfect Christmas Gift 

If you’re running out of ideas on what to get someone this year as a gift then Zoflora Christmas fragrances are the ideal choice. You can also throw in some tools such as microfibre cloths, spray bottles, and even some Zoflora wipes for added convenience. The gift of Zoflora is a special one especially if you know someone who loves a specific fragrance. 

Final Thoughts

Are you ready for the festive season? Make it a little less stressful for yourself by adding Zoflora Christmas fragrances to each room in your home to create that relaxing festive environment everyone will love.