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How It Works

Zoflora Earn Cash

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Zoflora Earn Cash

Creating Links

Choose from our products to advertise to your customers.

Zoflora Earn Cash


Share your personal affiliate link with family friends and followers!

Zoflora Earn Cash

Start Earning

You will earn 10% on each sale made, which will be transffered to you at the end of each month. 

 Extra Money with Zoflora

Zoflora Affiliates earn 10% for every referral order placed with us through their special link.

After you have signed up with us, you will then you will be able to access your Affiliate Dashboard

Your dashboard will look like this:


Once on your dashboard you will be able to view your Sales, Payment History, Creatives and Edit Profile. So let’s get started with Sales!

On your Sales tab you will be able to view any sales made through your affiliate link, the date of sale, status of sale, description of what was bought in the sale, your reference ID (which links to your personal link) and the amount spent on the sale. you can also view certain dates for sales.

This is how your sales tab will look

Payment History

On your Payment History tab you will be able to view your payments, which are all done through PayPal (before starting please make sure you have a PayPal account setup).  The email used to signup with PayPal is the email you will add to edit profile. 

This is how your payment history tab will look


On your Creatives tab you will be able to create your custom refferal links. These are the links you will use to advertise with on social media, WhatsApp, email or website. You will also recieve your own personal link.

To create a link for a specific product, simple copy and paste the page or product link you wish to use and click generate. This will give you your custom page or product link. These links are important as this is how your commision will be calculated. 

This is how your creative tab will look

Edit Profile

Here you will be able to edit your contact details and payment details. This is where you will add your PayPal email for payment.

This is how your Edit Profile tab will look