Now more than ever before hygiene and health are crucial especially for your children who’re going back to school. On the other hand, not all disinfectants are the same. Some products may not completely remove viruses or bacteria from items and surfaces.

The solution to your problem is Zoflora. Today we’re giving you the top six ways you can use Zoflora to increase hygiene, eliminate harmful viruses and keep your family safe. Keep reading to find out why Zoflora is an important product to have in the home and in your car.

1. Use Zoflora to Wipe Down Your Child’s School Items

It’s natural for your young children to get dirty during break times and when they’re playing at aftercare. However, school items such as pencil boxes, files and school bags may look clean but there could still be harmful viruses that can be a major health risk to your child.

So how do you keep your child’s school items free from harmful germs? Well, the first task you should consider doing when you get home is removing all items from your child’s school bag. Spray diluted Zoflora concentrate on all the belongings and wipe them clean with a cloth.

Avoid spraying lunch tins and water bottles with Zoflora. If you want to disinfect items that your child eats and drinks out of, make sure you rinse them thoroughly afterwards. Zoflora can be used on any plastic items that may harbour harmful viruses.

2. Keep Door Handles Bacteria Free with Zoflora

Bacteria and viruses can pass from one person to the next simply by touching door handles. That’s why you must wipe down all entrances thoroughly at the end of the day. Fortunately, a bottle of Zoflora concentrate goes a long way so you can make many bottles of diluted disinfectant to clean large areas every day.

You can either dilute a capful of Zoflora in a bucket of clean water or you can spray your diluted formula onto door handles and wipe away the excess with a cloth. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that no harmful viruses can pass over to your loved ones once your door handles have been cleaned.

3. Spray Zoflora in the Car

Since you and your child have come into contact with many people throughout the day, germs and viruses can cling to clothes and items and settle on the upholstery in your car. Furthermore, harmful viruses can spread on car door handles, armrests and windows.

To keep your children and other family members safe from these harmful viruses use Zoflora to clean all the surfaces in your car. Zoflora kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on all surfaces so you can rest assured that your car will be free from microbes after disinfecting it with the formula.

4. Eliminate Germs from Your Floors

Your loved ones can tread bacteria, dirt and viruses into your home. So make a rule that everyone should remove their shoes before entering the home or you can disinfect your floors with Zoflora. Simply add a capful of Zoflora to a buck of water and use the solution to mop your floors.

Not only will Zoflora eliminate all viruses and germs from your floors but it will leave behind a lovely fragrance.

5. Wipe Down Handheld Devices With Zoflora

There are many handheld devices that you and your children use daily such as the following:

  • TV remotes
  • Console remotes
  • Calculators
  • SmartPhones
  • Portable gaming devices
  • Pens
  • Toys

Viruses can get passed on with handheld devices so it’s crucial that you wipe down these items daily if you want to stop the spread of bacteria that cause illnesses.

To clean these handheld items with Zoflora it’s advised that you don’t spray the solution directly onto them. Spraying any liquid directly onto electronic handheld devices could potentially damage the internal parts.

The best way to disinfect electronic handheld devices is to dilute a half a capful of Zoflora into 200ml of clean water. Then dip a clean cloth into the solution, wring out the water and wipe down all handheld devices thoroughly. 

6. Wash School Clothes in Zoflora

As mentioned before children’s clothing tend to get dirty when they play outside. We bet you didn’t know that there’s a Zoflora product that cleans clothing? Make sure you purchase the Zoflora linen-fresh product that’s formulated to disinfect clothing and remove stains.

Put a capful of Zoflora linen-fresh into the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine. When your machine runs a rinsing cycle, the Zoflora will run through your child’s clothes to remove grime from the fibres and disinfect the fabric.

What’s more, Zoflora linen-fresh leaves a pleasant fresh fragrance of delicate violet on your fabrics. So you and your loved ones will have fresh clothes that are fragrant and clean after washing items with Zoflora.

Final Thoughts

We know that it’s a stressful time for you when your little ones go back to school. You’re always going to be worried about their wellbeing. However, with Zoflora you can keep your loved ones safe thanks to its powerful disinfectant formula that destroys viruses before they can spread.

If you’re serious about keeping your loved ones safe from harmful viruses then get your bottle of Zoflora. Browse through our website to find the fragrance and bottle capacity you want. Don’t forget to buy your Zoflora spray bottle and a microfiber cloth with your concentrate.

Zoflora is an affordable powerful disinfectant that works wonders in the home. So which Zoflora fragrance will you pick?