Are you looking for an all-in-one cleaner that can make short work of your cleaning chores? Zoflora has what you need. You can make a large bucket of Zoflora cleaning solution that you can use to disinfect your mop, toilet, sink and more.

The benefit of Zoflora is that there is more than one way of cleaning your house with it. If you want to save on water and make your bottle of Zoflora last longer then you may want to continue reading. We’re giving you new ways to use Zoflora in our Tips Tuesday blog. Find out more right here!

How Often Should You Clean?

There are certain parts of your home that you have to clean every two to three days to stop the spread of germs or bacteria in your house. Your toilet should be disinfected once every two days and you should ensure that your floors are clean and sanitised too.

You should wash out and disinfect your sink daily especially after washing dishes. What’s more, you can clean your drains out with a Zoflora mixture.

So with all this cleaning work how do you save on water and not overuse your Zoflora concentrate? We’ll let you know shortly but first, you need to know how to mix your Zoflora for these cleaning tasks. Take a look at how to make your all-in-one solution below.

How to Make Your Zoflora All-In-One Mixture

To make your Zoflora all-in-one mixture simply put eight capfuls of your favourite concentrate into a bucket of hot water. Ideally, you want the bucket capacity to be between two and four litres. You now have a large bucket of Zoflora mixture that you can use to clean different parts of your house.

Steps on How to Use Your Zoflora All-In-One Cleaner

Now that you have your large bucket of Zoflora all-in-one cleaner it’s time to get cracking on all your chores for the day. Take a look at the following steps so you can use one bucket to clean different parts of your home.

Step 1

Put cleaning gloves on to prevent the Zoflora solution from irritating your skin. After you’ve got your cleaning gear on and you’ve made your Zoflora solution place your mop into the bucket. Let it sit for a minute before mopping your floors clean with your all-in-one disinfectant.

Step 2

After cleaning all your floors place the mop back in the bucket and then squeeze it out. The Zoflora solution will kill all the germs and bacteria inside your mop that you picked up from the floor.

Step 3

Take some of the Zoflora mixture from your bucket and pour it into your toilet. Take your toilet brush and scrub the sides of you’re your toilet bowl and then flush. The Zoflora solution will kill any harmful bacteria growing around your toilet bowl.

Step 4

Now it’s time to clean and sanitise your sink drains. Take your bucket of Zoflora all-in-one solution and pour it down your kitchen and bathroom drains. The solution will freshen up your drains and kill all the germs hiding in them. You can pour your Zoflora solution down your outside drains too!

Step 5

With the rest of your all-in-one mixture rinse your sink out. Now that your mop, drains, sink and floors are clean you can dispose the rest of the solution down the drain. Remove your gloves, wash your hands and then go and relax on the couch. You’ve now completed your cleaning chores for the day.

Final Thoughts   

It’s important to clean out your drains regularly to increase their lifespan and to eliminate foul odours coming from your pipes. Your floors must be cleaned regularly too because you can tread dirt and harmful bacteria or viruses into your home.

The benefit of using an all-in-one bucket of Zoflora is that you’ll make your bottle of concentrate last longer and you won’t use too much water when washing your sinks, toilet or drains. Do you think this is an ideal cleaning method to save on products and water? Let us know in the comments section below.

Don’t forget to visit the Zoflora store regularly to see if any new fragrances have arrived.