Germs and bacteria are everywhere! That’s why it’s important to travel with Zoflora no matter where you go. Disinfecting the areas around you will prevent you from contracting harmful bacteria and viruses during your travels. 

You never have to leave home without your trusty bottle of Zoflora. Keep reading to find out how you can travel with your favourite Zoflora fragrance. 

1. Travel With Zoflora in Your Car 

Whether you’re driving to the office or you’re going to the shops it’s always best to have a bottle of Zoflora handy in your car. Even though the standard is to sanitise your hands when you enter a building there is still a risk of picking up unwanted bacteria or viruses.

Wherever you go, have your Zoflora spray bottle ready so you can disinfect the areas inside your car that you touch the most. This will prevent you from spreading potential harmful viruses and bacteria around your car or home. What’s more, the Zoflora you choose will leave a pleasant fragrance behind so you don’t have to buy car air fresheners. 

Additionally, there are many ways you can clean your car with Zoflora

2. Take Zoflora with You on the Bus 

Some public buses aren’t clean and can harbour millions of germs and bacteria. Keep a small spray bottle of diluted Zoflora in your bag so you can disinfect seats or railings when you get onto the bus. The people on the bus may also appreciate the pleasant fragrance from the Zoflora you choose to use. 

3. Travel With Zoflora on the Plane 

Travel with Zoflora even if you’re going to another province or country. Keep a small 250ml Zoflora spray bottle in your carry-on bag so you can disinfect your plane seat or when you visit the bathroom. 

The small bottle of diluted Zoflora will also come in handy when you arrive at your destination. You can use it to disinfect seats at restaurants or counters when you arrive at a guest house or hotel room. 

4. Zoflora On the Train 

Do you travel by train every day to work? Similar to buses, trains can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. So it’s always best to keep a small bottle of diluted Zoflora in your bag so you can disinfect seats, handles and windows. 

When you travel with Zoflora on a train you can also disinfect areas for other people. This will help to prevent them from contracting potentially harmful bacteria or viruses. 

5. Take Zoflora with You on Camping Trips

Even though you’re out in nature there is still a risk that you may contract a harmful virus or sickness when you go camping. Areas where germs and bacteria thrive are ablutions and the communal area where the camp goers wash their dishes. 

Take a bigger 500ml Zoflora spray bottle with you so you can disinfect the showers, toilets and taps before you use them. You also want to disinfect the basins in the communal area before you wash your dishes.  

6. Travel With Zoflora to Hotel Rooms

Although hotel rooms have people who clean the room every day there may be one or two spots that they’ve missed. Additionally, the cleaners may only use cleaning detergents that don’t always have germ and virus-killing properties. 

The good news is that you can travel with Zoflora to your hotel room. Simply keep a small bottle of diluted Zoflora in your bag and use it to disinfect counters, bathrooms, fridge doors and light switches in your hotel room. 

7. Zoflora in a Cabin 

Cabins are similar to hotel rooms but they may harbour more bacteria and viruses than your five-star hotel. Take a bottle of Zoflora concentrate and a spray bottle with you whenever you visit a cabin. 

You want enough Zoflora to last for your entire stay at your cabin so that you can kill any unwanted germs and viruses in any area you use. 

Final Thoughts  

There are small and large Zoflora spray bottles that you can travel with. But the capacity you choose will depend on how long you stay at your destination. You can take diluted bottles of Zoflora or your concentrate with you so you can make as many batches as you need during your travels. 

When you travel with Zoflora, be sure to adhere to safety standards. You may not be able to travel with a bottle of concentrate on an aeroplane. Therefore, you may have to make a diluted solution to keep in your carry-on bag. 

Ensure that your bottle of Zoflora is sealed tightly and that it’s kept upright in your bag to prevent leaking. And lastly, be sure to read the Zoflora instructions carefully before travelling with your product.