Spring is just around the corner – and you know what that means? Out with the old and in with the new! Zoflora offers a wide range of spring fragrances from classic scents with jasmine, rose, and orange for you to choose from. 

As a leading manufacturer of versatile cleaning aids, Zoflora understands the importance of quality. Our goal is to provide high-quality fragrances at affordable prices. In this post, we’ve provided our top choices of Zoflora spring fragrances you’ll love!

Hello Springtime!

Springtime means sunshine, flowers, and fresh air. Additionally, springtime is a great season for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, and fishing. But it’s also the ideal time to freshen up our homes. What better way to do that than with your favourite bottle of Zoflora? It’s time to spring clean!

Spring cleaning is when you clean out all the junk from areas in your home such as the:

  • Kitchen 
  • Garage 
  • Lounge
  • Bedroom 
  • Bathroom 

This means getting rid of old clothes, books, papers, and furniture. The idea behind spring cleaning is to clear away clutter and organise everything into one place. What’s more, the advantage of spring cleaning is that you’ll kill all germs and bacteria lurking in corners while you organise your space. You’ll also add a fresh scent to your home when you clean surfaces using Zoflora. 

Once your home is organised you’ll feel more at ease. Spring cleaning is known to lower anxiety and stress. 

Zoflora Spring Fragrances to Choose From 

Zoflora has over 40 fragrances for you to choose from. For spring, you want fragrances with floral and tropical notes. In this section, we’ve listed four wonderful Zoflora fragrances that will bring the fresh scent of flowers and fruits into your home. 

Bluebell Woods

Bluebell Woods is great for those who love the scent of magical forests covered in these beautiful flowers! The combination of fresh bluebells and sweet green leaves creates a unique floral aroma perfect for any room in the house.

This spring fragrance provides an uplifting scent in your home that will make you feel energised. You can use it on any surface in your home (except natural wood). It kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria so it’s perfect for your spring cleaning tasks. 

Pink Grapefruit 

Pink Grapefruit is appealing to younger homeowners who want to bring the scent of a tropical paradise into their homes. It has sweet notes of juicy pink grapefruit as well as mango and other red fruits. 

The ideal spring fragrance is one that uplifts your senses which is exactly what Pink Grapefruit does. Use it in bathrooms, kitchens, and foyers when spring cleaning or simply to freshen up your home.  

White Blossom 

For many centuries the white blossom flower was used to heal headaches, aid in stress relief, and reduce inflammation. Now, white blossom flowers are used to make powerful disinfectants such as the Zoflora product with the same name. 

This spring fragrance has elegant floral blends of hyacinth with earthy tones of moss and cedarwood. It’s perfect to use in lounges, living rooms, and bedrooms. 

Honeysuckle and Jasmine

Honeysuckle flowers have an exotic clove scent and has a strong fragrance. That’s why Zoflora uses these flowers to make a powerful concentrate. When diluted Zoflora’s Honeysuckle and Jasmine fragrance can last up to 24 hours. 

The Zoflora Honeysuckle fragrance has notes of fresh jasmine with a touch of green tea and rich sandalwood. This spring fragrance is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms. 


Zoflora makes products that are designed to kill harmful bacteria and viruses. But it’s also formulated to be a rich air freshener that eliminates foul odours.

If you spend time every year spring cleaning your home, we recommend you choose one of these spring fragrances from Zoflora to add the scent of growing flowers and fruits into your home. Which one will you choose this year?