Zoflora is a leading disinfectant and deodorizer, making it a popular cleaning product for households. It comes in several forms that allow different uses and provide various levels of fragrance intensity. By being aware of the four types of Zoflora available and how to apply them safely around the home, you can ensure you keep your environment clean, safe and smelling great.

In this article, we will break down the 4 types of Zoflora and explain how each should be used depending on the desired end result. Read on to get up to speed with your knowledge of all things Zoflora!

1.      Zoflora Wipes

Zoflora wipes are a convenient cleaning solution for households. They contain concentrated disinfectant which kills 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses on hard surfaces such as worktops, counters, and tables. They also come in various fragrances.

The wipes are easy to use: all you need to do is remove a wipe from the sachet and then wipe the surface you want to clean. Once finished, dispose of the wipe in the bin – unlike regular cloths which require washing in between uses. Zoflora wipes are great for quick spot-cleaning jobs and come in handy when guests arrive unexpectedly!

2.  Spray

Zoflora spray comes pre-made and is a disinfectant and deodoriser that is used to clean and freshen indoor environments. It can be used on many surfaces, including countertops, car rims, dustbins and floors.

This type of Zoflora is specifically formulated to not only kill germs and bacteria but to cut through tough grease and grime. The convenient ready-to-use spray is ideal for cleaning high-traffic areas.

To use the spray, simply apply it to a surface and use a clean cloth to wipe the area clean.  

3.  Zoflora Concentrate

Zoflora Concentrate is a powerful cleaning solution that can be used to keep surfaces and fabrics smelling fresh. It’s highly concentrated, meaning only a small amount of the solution must be used when diluted with water in order to achieve effective results.

To use Zoflora Concentrate, mix one part of the concentrate with twenty parts of cold water in a clean spray bottle and spray sparingly onto surfaces or fabrics. Leave it undisturbed for 10 minutes before wiping away any residue or excess solution with a dry cloth.

If you need extra disinfecting power, the solution can also be made stronger (by using more concentrate) to suit your needs. Always follow instructions closely when using any cleaning products for optimal performance as unexpected concentrations can also cause damage to certain surfaces.

4.  Disinfectant Mist  

Zoflora Disinfectant Mist is an antimicrobial spray that is effective in killing harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact. It’s formulated with a unique blend that not only kills 99.99% of germs but also leaves surfaces disinfected and smelling freshly fragrant for up to 24 hours. 

The mist can be used on all hard, non-porous surfaces in the home, such as kitchen worktops, sinks, toilet seats, door handles, desks and light switches.

To use Zoflora Disinfectant Mist simply shake the bottle before use and spray onto the desired surface from a distance of 20cm until it has become visibly damp. Leave the formula to dry. For a streak-free shine, you can buff the surface with a microfiber cloth.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Zoflora is a great multi-purpose disinfectant that can be used to clean, freshen and sanitise your home. With four different varieties of Zoflora available, there’s sure to be one that meets your needs. 

Whether you’re trying to eliminate odours or prevent bacteria from forming, these four types offer an easy way to create a high level of hygiene in your house. With just a few simple tips on how to use them correctly, you can make the most out of this fantastic product and give your home the cleanliness it deserves.